Spookymilk Survivor XV, Challenge 8: Bygones

I see that some of us, well, some who are seated are nodding off. Can someone… are there any towels? Blankets? This might be messier than… well. Jesus didn’t say there’d be… OK! Thanks, brother, for that kindness! Jesus thanks you. The ones slumping over… yes! That will help. Don’t panic. Certainly we don’t want – SIR! No phones. That’s right. Remain calm. Let me explain.

Last night, Jesus came to me. He said, “Barbara! I know you’ll do anything for me.” You see, it is His will is that we are ALL united in heaven, at his side – not just me.

No – JIM! NO! The Lord begs you to listen!

I know it hurts and that you might… well, I know you’re scared. It’ll only last a few minutes. Please, everyone! You’re scaring the babies! Please LISTEN TO ME! PRAISE THE LORD!

Jim… well, most of us know that Jim is marrying this young woman who can provide many children, which is why we are celebrating today. Jenny – sweet daughter in Christ – has appointed me as her maid of honor. I am happy to be included, even after I have been cleaved from my earthly bond to Jim.

The Lord visited Jim and he learned of the path to be taken. The Lord released Jim of his marriage to me – as I could not bear children – and provided a proper wife in Jenny. I had failed him; this was my duty. Jesus revealed that as my reward, for delivering Jim into the arms of a more suitable Christian spouse, that I would join God in Heaven, released from my suffering through the tonic that Jim would provide. Jim – NO, JIM! I’M NOT AFRAID! Our loved ones must know of this!

Tonight I was to drink the holy nectar and be delivered into the Lord’s arms. But… last night Jesus came to me. “Bring them to me, Barbara! They shall ALL be freed. Hear the truth of my words and bring my children to me!” You see, Jim? The Lord’s will is strong!

Jim – do not shout! They are NOT ILL! Jenny is being FREED! SHE WILL ASCEND! Praise the Lord for these convulsions, as they bring us nearer to Him… please, everyone! Stop panicking! PRAISE HIM! The Lord is with us!



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